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One of my Bestest BFFs Hannah did these amazing dolls from the movie "What about Bob?" for the Bill Murray Art Show going on in San Francisco.  I submitted a piece as well which I’ll be posting about later. 

If you go to the show, be sure to squeal in front of these two and faint from cuteness overload!! 


"Baby Step to Four o’clock"

Needle Felting

Submission for The Murray Affair: The Bill Murray Art Show,

Public Works SF

It’s a MA-A-AN!!!!!!
I seriously cannot get enough Linda Lark!  Vintage Romance Comics are the BEST! eeeeeeee

Designing a Thaumatrope and found this great template that SlurpyStudios made for one to cut-out.  I really love this as it explains visually how it works so you can understand and make your own more easily.  

Big Congrats to my fellow UCLA Animation Workshoper Kate Isenberg on making this cute music video for Alexis Harte for her second year film. Love seeing an animation with so many hand-made elements.  

Sometimes I have days where I obsess over something wrong in my life.  I just can’t get over it!!  
Then I take a deep breath, take a step back and realize “What am I doing?”  
There is so much right going on.  Why am I giving so much power to this one negative blip.  

Then I am happy again.  

Funny, how we all are always doing this….

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beware! I ilustrated my feelings. I collected some flowers actual work in my sketchbook I illustrated my day.

Below is all great advice by saskiakeultjes to get you sketching

What to put in a sketchbook for beginners 

Your sketchbook is a secret place

A sketchbook is very useful for everyone, especially for artists, students and kids. It boosts your creativity. To achieve that, use your sketchbook like a journal; make it a secret place. It’s very important to work freely inside it. Make sure you carry it everywhere.

Sketchbook supplies:

  • a sketchbook
  • something to draw
  • glue or stickers 
  • scissors
  • foldback clips, paper clips, staples
  • different kinds of other paper
  • sticky notes

How to start a new sketchbook:

  • start now
  • make a personal cover
  • don’t start at page one
  • destroy it’s beauty for example with a crappy drawing
  • or use the following tips

Some topics for your sketchbook:

  • ideas
  • thoughts
  • shopping list
  • feelings
  • phonenumbers
  • recipes
  • mood
  • photography
  • problems
  • to do lists
  • food
  • dates
  • watercolours <3

Things you can do in your sketchbook:

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Did this comic after hearing a balloon guy at a party commenting on how long certain balloons took him to do, and thought he would have nothing on this guy….Especially, since in GoT times you would mostly likely be using whale intestines for balloons! Eeeeeeee!!

I’m a sucker for any vintage Romance Comic Books….recently been reading Linda Lark: Student Nurse and it’s the WORST.  If only there were more issues….

Popsicles, sticky hands with garden dirt and ruined white shirts…all part of summer days.  New post at

Another color wheel that’s helping me more identify which coffee I want to drink is this awesome Flavor Wheel by Counter Culture Coffee

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