Why Santa can not bring you an iPad 3 for Christmas

Ipad Xmas 01

I wrote a book for Christmas for all the kids who want iPads, but are not getting them.  "Why Santa can not bring you an iPad 3 for Christmas"  Was inspired by my cousin’s daughter who is asking for an iPad 3!  Please feel free to pass it on to other friends and family.  

You can download the book to read  here (Come back next December and I’ll have book to download again THEN :) ho ho hooooooo)

The file format is PDF so it is easy to read on a number of applications and devices.  If you have an iPad, here is directions to bring it into ibooks for your iPad.

This book is totally free.  So no profit is being made, I’m not associated with Apple and all creative rights to iPad belong to Apple.  This is just a funny lil parody book.  (please don’t sue me, Apple. Merry Xmas!!)  <3

Here are a few more images below.  Hope everyone has a Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and gets an awesome present this season.  Whether its an iPad or not….. 

Ipad Xmas 02

Ipad Xmas 03

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