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Big Congrats to my fellow UCLA Animation Workshoper Kate Isenberg on making this cute music video for Alexis Harte for her second year film. Love seeing an animation with so many hand-made elements.  

Sometimes I have days where I obsess over something wrong in my life.  I just can’t get over it!!  
Then I take a deep breath, take a step back and realize “What am I doing?”  
There is so much right going on.  Why am I giving so much power to this one negative blip.  

Then I am happy again.  

Funny, how we all are always doing this….

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Popsicles, sticky hands with garden dirt and ruined white shirts…all part of summer days.  New post at

Had to go Spatula shopping as ours broke…plus I need some excitement in my life so I figured..SPATULAS!!  

I was surprised by the variety of spatulas these days.   I bought one for flipping regular pancakes….even though I plan on making jumbo ones. But now I’m worried for the spatula.  Although,  I’m sure if he follows some kind of 80s workout montage routine he’ll be just fine. 

I love that I made a Gallagher reference on my New Parent Survival Guide or that the names of baby afflictions sound like ones for a new version of Snow White and the Seven Dorks.  But, I don’t want to mess with that classic….

I’ll be Baaa Baaaaaa BACK

Nothing is more precious than a toddler dragging along a stuffed toy that has that unmistaken aroma of moldy cheese… New Post at

Don’t be rash, my Valentine!  You can skip the store and download one of my free Valentine Cards at

Feeling terribly robotic this week.  Been doing lots of paperwork thats been sucking the life out of me.  Hopefully will get to draw some this weekend….

SXSW put the trailer to my Animation Short Film “Chocolate Milk" up!!  So excited to be accepted there for my World Premiere.

New Cheese Post Up:  This week’s favorite is Lamb Chopper!  

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